Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Client List

Does any of my followers watch this?

The Leading Lady is my look-a-like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Its based in Texas, which honestly i love any show that is based in Texas. I mean come on Texas is pretty much the greatest state EVER. It comes on Lifetime, Sundays at 9:00 pm est. It's by far one of my MUST sees of the week.
Last season, Riley (J-Love) hubsand, Kyle, left her first episode, so therefore she needed to find a job to support their two children he left behind. So she puts her Massage lincense to good use and finds a job at "The Rub" in Sugarland, Tx. Soon after working there, she realizes it isnt just a Massage Spa, you also can get more $$$ for a "Happy Ending".* Soon she has her own "Client List". She starts to fall for Kyle's brother, Evan. All while she is juggling her silly Mother, Cybill Shepherd and Best Friend Lacey. (whom found out first season what exactly Riley's "real" job is). The First seao finale ends with Kyle showing up at her front door.

(Kyle & Evan)
I literally waited a whole F'n year for Season 2. Im not sure what that was about.. (i hate waiting...)

So hear we are into Season 2.

Kyle's in jail for stealing copper wire and being a drug dealer for the Mexico drug cartel. Did i mention last season the reason Kyle left was because he had a drug addiction to pain killers?

Meanwhile, Riley hires new help at The Rub. Did anyone watch Lisa Vanderpump Rules on Bravo? Well sweet that little innocent Laura-Leigh did catch her "Big Break" and ditched the "reality" scene and found a seris to endure.

Therefore Nikki joins the list, soon Selena, who makes the most money at the Rub (wonder what she is doin?0) and has worked the longest at the Rub. Riley buys the rub from Georgia, (Lorette Devine). Hires a hot new boy man therapist. Soon he gets his first taste of being asked for a "happy ending"* while giving a massage. Riley lets him and his client in on the Rules of the Client List. Now there's a man on the team giving married women or not married "happy endings"* after a massage. Meanwhile, while running The Rub, she I also dealing with her estranged husband who is in jail..and her secret relationship with Evan...
in which her daughter catches them kissing and Riley decided to end it, to protect her children....
Its pretty much drama, sex, lies, money, and all sorts of crazy on this show, but I love it...and you should too. So catch it this Sunday at 9 on Lifetime.
I got u up to date, so finish this season and enjoy the season's to come!

xox  Amy