Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Housewives who started it all.

Orange County that is.

I have watched these women, ever since the first season. Whom included; Lauri, Vicki, Jo, Jeana,and Tammy.

I only watch OC & BH. There more my style. There girly, catty, and FABULOUS. by all means I'm far from catty.

I like to speak the truth, whether it be loud or sarcastic. I always say the truth.

I'm going to give u my review on the girls this season

When people don’t want to discuss Housewives at the dinner table.

I assume your never going to just be nice to Alexis, speaking of. What did Jesus Jugs do to you anyways?

I really wish you be just be an adult and get along to with her. Ever since day one you have been very much a mean girl, to almost everyone. Maybe this season you can learn to play alittle nicer with the girls. I'm hoping you a Vicki can move forward, but after last nights craziness I don't think u will be friends much longer.
Riiiighht Gretch.
I will never understand how you could turn your back on Alexis. I believe that girl stood by your side while Ms.Tamara was making your life a living hell..i don't understand it. This year I hope you get your own backbone and quit being a Tamara's little follower.
I really miss the old nice, sweet, and innocent Gretc. will she ever be back? I sure hope so.
Also me. 
Giiirrlll, your rocking it this season, (so far).
Love that your living your life to please you and no one else. This season I see you being the mature adult who isn't going to take shit from that crazy lady Tamara..
So glad you finally grew a backbone and stood up for yourself and not have someone tell
 you who to like.
"Im glazed"
"if everyone says your dead, its time to lie down"
"I am bored with this"
" I’m sorry I can’t talk about shoes and handbags for three days."
I assume this season you on the bandwagon with Grect & Tam. I know your a nice girl tho..you just like to stir the pot a little.
PLEASE keep those one liners coming. MUCH love
Love your new hair this season, its absolutely FABULOUS.
This season don't let those rude mean ol' girls get to you. When they start going at you just keep shut and laugh at the "all the way to the bank." I really think there only jealous because your for ONE. Gorgeous, funny & a little ditzy but that's ok. Atleast
you have a sense of humor. Also, I know u don't mean to brag about all your nice things. The other ladies do it as much as you, if not even more.
"the new housewive"
Who Is Lydia McLaughlin?
(no gifs for her yet)
Girl I hope you know what you got yourself into, I like you tho. u seem like my cup of tea.
I hope you can take long hours of beatings and drama..
I really don't have any predictions for you this season, I have only seen you once, I need to get to know you on a more dramafied level.