Thursday, April 25, 2013

beauty diy





So lately I have been kind of obsessed with all things beauty: face, hair & makeup.

Lately, I have been pinning shit like crazy in this department.

I pretty have learned that evoo*, sugar and petroleum jelly are great tools for a base for anything DIY.

My first discovery was with sugar & evoo. I literally grabbed me a bowl of sugar, drizzled some EVOO with it and used it to shave my legs. I’m going to tell you this was the GREATEST idea I had ever discovered. My legs were left smooth  and silky for two days almost it seemed.

I'm telling you girls this is a must to try. I used probably a cup or 3/4 cup of sugar and add the EVOO, I  just added until the sugar was all coated. You can also use this all over your body as a great body scrub too!



Next thing I tried was this Lip Sugar Scrub.

Grab you a tube of Soft Lips Chapstick, Coco Oil or A&D ointment

1/4 sugar

couple drops of EVOO

Empty your tube of chapstick in a small bowl add rest of ingredients.

Mix Well

Add the contents of the mixture back inside the tube, make sure you roll the tube back down.

When all the mixture is in the tube, rub on your lips in a circular motion then wipe off the excess sugar.

VIOLA!! Now you have new exfoliated soft lips. Now go give someone a  little smooch.


The last one im going to leave you with is one a friend told me to try.

All you are going to need for this is coconut oil.

Wash hair with just shampoo, after your out of the shower apply coconut oil on hair (however much your little heart desires.)

wrap in towel. go to bed. wake up wash your hair again, and your hair will be left feeling silky and smooth for days!!!



hope you enjoyed some of these fun DIY beauty, I love experimenting so if anyone else has any DIY beauty tips. COMMENT them too me!! I would love to try them.