Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Randoms.

Today I'm writing this post at my local McDonald's. Normally, I just go to the local libaray to write my post since we don't have our cell phone booster yet at the house. (We live in the boondocks in case you just started following)
he wont stop talking, he is kind of strange, and some what annoying with him lame jokes about why we have "Cinco De Mayo"
I'll continue with this story next week...
So Boston has a bomb, and West Texas's Fertilizer's Plant blows up. What's going to happen next? Did I mention the weather here is crazy?? because seriously two days ago it was 90 and today its suppose to get bellowing freezing. It nonsense I tell ya.
I'm ready for sun, cool breeze and the lake.
Today we have another T-ball practice, we have been practicing all week throwing and batting so hopefully his hard work has paid off, and mine. ;)
Im also on a new hunt for a cute swimsuit, you see im very small chested, I'm the Prez of the Itty Bitty Titty committee, people I need some serious help with that department. Plastic Surgery will help this..
LOVE THESE ALL...I need to get me a tan. or a fake tan. I prefer no tanning beds.
This was seriously one random Thursday. I hope u could keep up.. haha
 how freaking adorable is this!