Thursday, May 16, 2013

Breaking News...

So ladies like I have said before, Texas weather can be VERY unpredictable!
Well last night, me & Slayde were chilling at the House hanging out. I, for one was washing dishes
when I remembered the dogs need to be fed. So I head outside, to see what I thought was a storm..
I finish feeding the dogs and turned on the TV to scope out this weather that was building over my house.
Come to find out this "storm" is a damn TORNADO building up over my house.
instantly I freak.
wondering what me and Slayde are going to do.
thankfully it just builds up over our house and headed towards the lake.
my husband who was heading home, got caught in the mess of the Tornado at the lake.
here is a video of the tornado on the lake, I live about 7 miles from this.
around 45 seconds u can see my husband pass in the video to come and save me and Slayde.
 pics via bowie news
Photo: Tornado near Belcherville, TX this evening. Photo courtesy of Staley Keck
There were over four or five tornado's spotted around Bowie.
Its crazy to think something like this can be so unpredictable!

So Dana, how's that accu weather app now?
guess its not so accurate after all.. ;)

Please also, pray for the many people who have lost homes in Granbury and Cleburne. Also, for the injured and the ones who lost loved ones.