Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What im loving Wednesday

Hey Ladies today I'm linking up with the lovely and beautiful Jamie!
for her weekly WILW
Here is what im loving this week:
- The Texas weather has changed for the better! Thank goodness we finally got rid of the cold! I have been ready for some warm weather. Soon I will be feeling this way...
 this will be me in a few weeks.
- That summer is almost here. SO ready to wear my new floppy hats and dresses!!
- hamburgers. seriously lately me and the husband have been making all sorts of burgers. burgers with avocado and grilled onions
burgers with blue cheese, grilled onions and grilled asparagus. (fav) we seriously can't get enough of them.
- that they finally made a Girl Code on MTV. we all know the codes, but to you abide by them?
- Peach Bellini's
seriously in love with these little ladies!
- Our 2nd ANNIVERSARY is a week away exactly. this weekend we will be hangnding out at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Shopping, sun, and a little drinking. PERFECT. oh also, fit a nice little romantic dinner. its the least he could do. ;)
-this shirt and my new fav shoes