Thursday, May 9, 2013

Girl Code

Going to the Bathroom….
“ I think you need to be able to master going into the bathroom:
fixing you making up, pissing, passing a little loaf in under 30 seconds….that’s Girl Code" Jessimae Peluso Girl Code, MTV
Go with a friend, I always need a friend..its like a bonding time for me. We can always talk about the shanningains going on at the
TELL ME IF THERE IS NO TOLIET PAPER!!!!!! When your walking out and im coming in, and u used the last of better tell me its out.
Make sure you flush the toliet, we’re ladies. get a grip of yourself
if you piss on the toliet, clean it up. we know u missed, im always wondering if it was a trans before me.
if Miss Flo is visiting don’t let it be known to us other girls. we don’t care to see that bloody mess.