Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What really grinds my gears.

If your friends with me on Facebook you probably seen my rant yesterday.
I figured hell, might as well make this a blog post
so here I go
- when you see someone out in public and your "Facebook Friends" with them and u somewhat go out of your way to speak to them, and don't say shiz just walk away. RUDE. needless to say I finally deleted her. then had the nerve to "try" and add me back.
- when I tell my husband I did something, and he tells me I didn't when in FACT I KNOW I did.. I just assume walk away and avoid a fight.
- the news. seriously, I hate waking up in the morning and turn on the TV to find out someone was murderer or rapped.
why? I hate hearing these things going on in the world. makes me grateful for living in BFE.
- girls who spilt up with there husbands and three days later there with someone..hmmm...
if I was spilt up with my husband, NO way in HELL do I want another man to tell me what to do. that's why your getting a divorce, right?
- taking things out of context.
- the way my husband comes home and just takes off every clothing while walking into the house...leaving me a trail.
- dishes
- people who are on Facebook or texting while driving. I literally honk my horn every time and scary the piss out of them.
- and if this offends anyone, then don't read my blog anymore. this blog is for me, whether people read or not. well that's up to them, im staying real and raw. its who I am.