Monday, June 10, 2013

Girl Code on..

Girl Fights


If your fighting with a best friend and you know her secrets, don’t use them during a fight.

we don’t air out dirty laundry. its just unclassy.


don’t ever use the C word. its just too much.


don’t talk about anything personal. i.e  Family


fight fairly. we don’t need your whole gang of seagulls flocking at me.


if your going to be physical fighting. make sure  u keep it below the chest area? I really love my face and hair. So what’s left

leg fighting?!


if you think you really are about to throw down, make sure its worth the after math.


If your going to make up, which you probably will do. Just grab some booze, pizza and just cry it out if you’re a crier, if you like to laugh, well cut up laugh and grab the booze.













p.s does anyone else watch girl code, or is that weird?