Monday, June 24, 2013

becoming a better blogger.

Lately, I have literally sucked.
I haven't blogged much in the past week..
Things have been weird around my parts, I'm making it though.


Life has been pleanet, I have had no complaients and just trying to live life the way I should.

im learning I don't need to blog while I have been drinking, EVER. Unless I have proof-read it, or changed the whole damn blog post.

obviously, people here in my town who read my blog get offend. Womp.
maybe they should just not read it?
I don't get it, when u keep coming back to the SAME blog and hate things they post.
Do u go to the same hairdresser when she hacks your hair??

im sure you don't. so don't come back to here, if u don't like what ya see.


Has anyone tried the craze that's going on called Spark? It's from Advocare.
Recently, peeps in my town have been going CRAY CRAY over this Advocare stuff. I was intrigued so I got ahold of a old girlfriend she hooked me up, with some Spark.
I tested it out, and LOVED it, I have tried 3 out of 8 flavors. Citrus, Mandrian Orange and Watermelon.
best ever.

When I make my drink in the morning I seriously feel like I can clean house for days, normally
 when I start to clean house. I get in a rut, but Spark keeps me going. I literally can go all day doing all sorts of fun things, besides cleaning, NEVER feeling fatigued or a crash!
 all in all.
SPARK. is the best energy saver ever.. last all day, and helps with all your cleaning needs.