Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Preschool Dilemma. Mom advice needed!



I have been a little MIA lately.

First off, My son completed his very first year of preschool aka Smarty Pants.

I’m very proud of all he has accomplished this year in school. Learning to Share, making new friends, writing, and learning his love for books.

Also, to my fellow Mom bloggers out there.

I’m in a dilemma.


Slayde’s birthday is late. Its May 5th.

So there for last year when I enrolled him in Smarty Pants he was 3, now that he is 4. I still kept him in the 3 & 4 class for another year, then next year he will be going to the 4 & 5 year class to "Graduate" from preschool. I I have gotten a few nasty remarks from parent's saying what I'm doing is wrong and that I should let Slayde go to school at age 5 when he is suppose too.. he your child? No! He isn't. I want to do what I think will be best for him. I don't tell these parent's this so I can hear negative feedback, I just feel Slayde needs to learn a few more things before he goes to the other class, like learn to write his whole name without help.
He does wonderful with help, I just wanted him to be able to write his whole name before he went to the "bigger" class where I'm sure those little ones know more then him.. He is a fast learner, he just doesn't get the Justus of "following the rules" and "paying attention" I feel he lacks some of that.
Other then that, he knows his colors, letters, numbers, and all that other stuff there suppose to know..
I just feel as his mother he needs a couple more years.
So is it wrong my son will be starting Kindergarten at age 6?
 Did any other mom do this?
If so how did u handle this?
What should I tell the other parents?
please moms I need feedback, I want to make the best possible decision for my
Slayde Man!