Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian

yes, I cant believe it either a post dedicated to one of my lovely Kardashian's
Kim. Today she turns 33.
She has been through a lot over those years, from losing her dad to a sex tape, but, she manages to still come on top!
Kim Kardashian
Every Sunday I watch the Kardashians, call me dumb or na├»ve, but I cant get enough of those Kardashians. I love their style, there family values, the craziness I LOVE IT ALL!
They work hard for what they want and if they don't get it they work even harder to get it right.
I understand there is a lot of controvesary about them, but, I really don't care. I love them and support them as much I can!!
Just give me her hair already!
Although I must admit, I am very happy she got rid of that Humphries kid. That was a MAJOR FAIL.
Kim Kardashian
(old school kim)
So so glad you got rid of those eyebrows. I like a bushy eyebrow but  this is too much....
Kim Kardashian