Friday, October 18, 2013

living in a small town.

True story of every small town person I've met in the small towns we've lived in over the years..... thank goodness I don't stay long ;) It's a big world!

Let's see where do I even start?
Living in a small town is exactly how it sounds.
We are small, which means gossip can travel faster then a speeding bullet.

So when you blog about something and someone from your town reads it doesn't like the post. The whole town will know what you wrote, and if I'm not mistaking will probably join the hate club. Oh, and for the record my BLOG is my DIARY. If you don't like it, DON'T READ IT!!!

Here in a small town it seems when people start speaking the truth, people get scared and no longer can handle the truth.

Me, I am the type of person where I tell it how it is, I don't sugar coat anything and I sure and hell don't lie about shit. White lies don't count ;). Either you can be mature and do the same, or hold a grudge your whole life and hate me. Again, I'm OKAY with that.

 That's what I don't understand about my home town is how these people can be your friend one minutes and the instant you make a blog post that person who was your "so called best friend" jumps on the one-sided train and joins the hate club. Does she ever ask about my side? No, that's okay, you can deal with that when Karma comes around.
Another about small towns, is some of these women trade in their husbands for a good time and a good lay, to figure out what else they have missed. Whatever happened too in sickness and in health, for richer or poor, or good times or bad.. I don't get it personally. But, it's not my life to judge.

 Speaking of judging, that's a big part of a small town. Everyone has to up grade the next person, judging them on what they have or don't. Get real, who cares if your kid wears under armor everyday or has miss me jeans. WHO CARES. Is this what we are teaching our children, to be spoiled brats who care about "BRANDS" your child is 3 for heavens sake, she/he doesn't care what she has on. Why not start teaching them how to be humble, and GREATFUL for the things they get instead of prancing around here like your better then me because my son has on cowboy boots, jeans with holes in them and a plain tee. He doesn't care so why should I?

And that one sided bullshit is for the birds. Like really, what are we reliving Jr High again? Whatever. I don't have time to hate the next person or whatever it is you people do.

I have been through a lot in my life and learned ALOT. The loss of my Pawpaw, Mom and Dad, have taught me a lot about living on this planet.

You learn that the small things are just SMALL, deal with it and move on.
Being mad at some for a blog post is really well SMALL thing, deal with it.
If you don't like the next person, keep on keeping on.
Living everyday holding a grudge about something will do nothing but tear you up inside.
Being silly and having a good time IS worth it.
Life is so precious, I live each and everyday as if it was my last
SMILE everyday.
Happiness is the key.
Asking why and wondering wont fix what happened is only makes it worse.
Don't be afraid to cry (yes I am a crier)
I really could go on but I will stop. Learning from death only makes you stronger and makes you understand things more clearly in life.

So the next time you want to move to a small town. Move to the country and enjoy the country life. That's what I do. ;)


P.S. People who get offended easily over something that I have to say or write on MY blog, just save yourself the time and DONT READ IT!