Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reality TV: Modern Dads

(left-right, Stone, Nate, Rick, Sean)
Have any of you watched Modern Dads on AE? Well it comes on Sunday’s on AE @ 11/10 c.

 It’s a pretty cool show, of course its reality TV, and no that is NOT all I watch.

It is about four best friends. Rick is the “Veteran Dad”. Nate is the “New Dad". Stone  “Single Dad”. Sean is the “Step Dad. They all live in Austin,Texas.

 But, the check is their wives are all the bread winners, which means their wives make the dough and they stay at home. (hey I rhymed!)


Rick has two older sons about 10 or 11 and twin girls who just turned one. Talk about a gap there, he is pretty much the brains of these men, the one who has been through the steps of life with children, the one who knows his way around the “stay at home life”.


Nate, he is the “new dad”. Let me tell you, this man does it ALL right. Organic food, scheduling he days, making sure he has the right amount of protein, fiber, veggies for the day. It’s crazy how much he goes to extremes to make sure his son has the “perfect” food. He also is a freelance photographer, when he gets time away from Cormick (his son.)


Sean, he is the “Step Dad” and a step dad any kid would love to have. He is funny, charming, and always up for a fun time. He is always up to no good with the boys, and always trying to get laid by his “wife” or is the the other way around? If I remember correctly it’s the wife always trying to “get it in”, not Sean.


Stone, he is the “Single Dad” the one always trying to find a new girl for his “needs”. He is always putting the moves on women, whether it be in the middle of a photo-shoot Nate is doing, or in the hardware store. This man is also trying to find that women to “go on a date” I guess that’s what they call it these days.


All in all, these men are living up to us women who “stay at home.”

These men clean, cook, and take the children on play dates.

I'm pretty sure there isn't anything these men cant do that we can…

well besides breast feed these children, if they can then we have a serious problem on our hands….


Anyhoo check it out.


These guys are pretty funny, and give me a good laugh.
(this post was strictly my thoughts and opinions.)