Wednesday, November 6, 2013

what happens when...

leave a glass pyrex on the stove, then someone accidentally bumps the knob on the stove and turns it on.
this happens...
Seriously this shit happened. On top of that, it wasn't even mine. Its my Nawnaw's. I literally thought a bomb went off in my house. I had no idea what happened. I Just sat there in silence wondering when I was going to fall over dead, from this loud bomb.
Needless to say it was NOT a bomb, but my lovely pyrex blew up like your best friend did after not seeing her in years.
There was glass EVERYWHERE! Little bits and shards everywhere.
I sat there thinking how in the hell am I going to clean this up without myself ending up in the hospital for multiply wounds?
SHOP VAC! ding ding!!
I couldn't be more happier to have this thing we call a shop vac in my life.
So I got started on cleaning up this disaster of a mess, and sucking up all that glass mess into my shop vac, some pieces were a little bit too big to vacuum up, but I managed to pick those up. .
Lesson I have learned through this all...
DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, sit ANYTHING on top of a flat cook stove. Something serious could happen.
Like a busted pyrex.. Now I will have to fork over another one for her. .
which my husband says they cost almost 70.00. HMMM...
I think he is being a little dramatic there. .
story of my life....