Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bathroom Inspiration

So our bathroom was the only thing that was not updated when we moved into our house four years ago..
So after we ring in the new year, we plan on updated the bathroom. Although I want to keep my Baby Blue Porcelain tub I will try to do everything to compliment the tub. 
OKAY, I know Baby Blue Porcelain tub, soooo 1970's but seriously guys. It really is unique and I love unique random things.
So here is my inspiration for the bathroom. Also, our bathroom IS NOT big enough for me, so I plan on making it bigger, if I can get my way.
I love the way it's still rustic, and easy to reach for the towels, etc..
Makeup and bathroom accessories. its a cute idea if maybe inside a cupboard instead of on display
This is such a great idea, if you have a small space bathroom.
 Very creative way to re-use palette wood- love to do this to our east bathroom wall @Lizz Green could so do this to downstairs bathroom!!!... just be careful Justin doesn't burn it first
Yes!! love the wood as the back splash for the toilet area.

ideias para aproveitar cada centímetro da sua casa Office&RegionID=0&SortColumn=Relevance

love the shelves and color! so so pretty.

 website with cute decor ideas

How To Build A Corner Shelf

tons of ideas on displaying coffee table, bath towels, and bedroom!
simple and chic!

polka dot walls from an old laundry basket..brilliant
Polka Dot walls using a Laundry basket....brilliant!

 and if by some stange chance the tub breaks while doing these upgrades.
I would like this one please, Honey.


i want this bath tub!!

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