Friday, November 1, 2013

Where ya been? Five on Friday {Link UP}

So sorry i have lacked of posts this week. This week seem too be so busy. Halloween parties for school, trick r' treating, and my Nawnaws Halloween Birthday. I just couldnt seem to get myself together this week. Shocker.
Today I thought I would be a cool kid and link up with Christina.
ONE- My husband is going on a bachlor party extravaganza this saturday. Me on the other hand will be at home. So what are my plans while the cat is away? Ill will be watching lots of TV, attempting a few DIY projects and eating. lots. of. food. ha.
TWO- I want one of these candles. Like, Now. I have told my husband about them for awhile now and still have yet to recieve one. What does a girl have to do to get a damn Diamond Candle around here?
Diamond candle want this scent!!
The ring can be worth up to 10-1000 dollars. I dont care if mine is worth $10. I still want a candle people!!
THREE- These pants. I CANT!
Chevron Palazzo Pants - $48
So sorry if your into those things, SERIOUSLY tho #ICANT
FOUR- What happens when you leave out in the country and you have two outside dogs. They kill four racoons.. waking up this morning we had four lovely presents waiting for us at the backdoor. REALLY, dogs.
FIVE- My son told me this morning he wants a new pet. What did he ask for you ask, a baby T-Rex. Wonder where I can get one of these? Anyone know?