Thursday, December 19, 2013

Confession Session

It's that's time too confess....

True story right there. Maybe not my last one but diff entry the DBag I was engaged too.

 #i confess- I haven't dusted or clean my house since we put up the Christmas decor which was probably about two weeks ago. I'm telling you I have no time to do anything in my life..I'm lucky if I get shower.

#i confess- I started Christmas shopping last week, and still need to go this weekend. I'm sure I will run into all those crazy people who turn into psycho's around this times, wish me luck people.

#i confess- I creep sometimes on Facebook. Who doesn't?

#i confess- I need to get my hair colored. My hair looks like a trailer trash. My grey is showing and my roots are exposing. My life is about to get my crazy with more grey hair too add!

#i confess- while we had that crazy ice storm here in Texas that left us all stuck home for days, I literally sat in my couch ate food and watched so much TV, I now have saw every episode of Cops and Breaking bad. Thank you ice storm, thank u for making me a lazy ass.

#i confess- I really need to give my dog a bath, I have been wondering why that smell is and well now I know, #stinkydog