Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finally, the BIG announcement!!

We'll here it goes.

We are Pregnant, well by "we" I mean me, obviously my husband isn't but hell he might as well be with me, since he has to suffer as well as I do. I mean nine full months without a single shot of tequila? What will I do without my beloved tequila?

I am about 16 weeks, every Monday is a new week for the little human. This week the little toot is a size of an avocado.
The First trimester I was nauseated ever morning, my breakfast consisted of crackers and ginger ale. I never vomited but there was a few times I felt the need to pull over "just in case." We found out pretty early I believe I was 7weeks.  I have had a miscarriage my very first pregnancy so I opted to wait until I was in the clear. I crave smoked sausage and BBQ sauce, pickles (of course), apples with peanut butter or bananas with peanut butter. When we first told Slayde we were having a baby, he said well let's hope it's a brother. Let's hope son, let's hope.

My belly seems to be bigger then when I was prego with Slayde I didn't start to show until I was 6months but now, I look like I am 6 months when in reality I am only 4 months. So sad.
My husband tells me "damns, babe your much bigger then you were with Slayde." Probably, because, I just ate 2 bowls of spaghetti with salad and about 4 breadsticks. Smh.

Why is it we seem to just want to eat and eat until we can no longer eat or make ourselves sick. Are you seriously not full yet little human?

We are hoping to find out what little W is New Years Eve, then have our official gender reveal the following weekend. Well now that the cat is outta the bag, I suppose I can start blogging about the growing babe inside me.......

Since I fail to blog anymore. Life is busy, and life is full of surprises!!