Thursday, January 16, 2014

2013- Thoughts about the year.


I still cant believe that it is already 2014.
I have learned so much these past two years then I have probably my whole life. As a human. We all make mistakes, we all grow, and enjoy life. Not everyone does, but most of us do.

So here I am, Amy, telling you the things I have learned in 2013

-Even are your worst moments in life, some friends will not have your back.

-Realizing, you can't please everyone. They all have there opinion and so do you.

- Finding yourself is harder then you think, but once you do everything seems much easier.

- Sometimes the truth hurts. Not everyone can handle it. So handle them types of people with care.

- Not everyone understands your obnoxious jokes or blog post. 

- Stand up for what you believe, if there isn't anyone behind you. Stand Strong.

- Learning to deal with death. It seems the older we get the more people we lose. 
R.I.P Kyle and Matt. forever in our hearts.

- Even when you think you know someone, you don't. Trust the ones you know you are certain of.

- Inspiration is everywhere. Never miss a opportunity to enjoy it.

- Getting a brand name purse isn't something to brag about, being HUMBLE and grateful. Go ahead brag your little heart out.

- Learning from your mistakes in the past makes you who you are today..

- Always stay humble

I have learned so much this year, and I am still learning. 
I can truly say I'm more Humble and grateful for everything I have learned and can share with you. 
I hope to continue to grow and learn everyday, while also teaching my son that dad is ALWAYS not the boss.

Amy Lee