Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Ramblings.

Hey Ladies! It's a chilli Thursday here in Texas. I'm currently, drinking a cup of coffee listening to Ben Ferguson On WBAP with my Nawnaw. Days like this I wish my mom was here too enjoy this morning with us.

So, Tuesday was a baby doc appointment. We check out the babe and he tells me, my placenta'splacenta is still in front of my cervix (side note: I am now 30 weeks) which is no good. He did tell me that most of the time the placenta moves out of the way so I can have a natural birth. I'm avoiding a c-section at all cost! My first was natural I want her too be natural as well. . so next week I go to a big sono machine too get a better look.

We still haven't painted the rooms yet for Slayde and Stella. Hell, I haven't even picked out a theme yet for her.  . I'm still open for ideas ladies. I have now 9 weeks left to get my shit together. . wonder if we will?

This weekend we will be attending the "Monster Jam." Anyone ever been too one of these? We went last year and it was a BLAST! Slayde loved it and I enjoyed the margaritas. Look and see if there is a Monster Jam coming too a town near you. If you have a son he will LOVE it! While your enjoying your margaritas. ;)

Also, I am thinking about cutting my hair after Raven chopped hers off I got this gut feeling maybe its time too say bye bye to my long hair and hello to a new a do? Ill let you know what I decide my appointment is next Friday so I have time to decide.

Do any of you ladies watch Revolution on NBC? Can you say "MIND BLOWN"! literally could not speak after last nights ending. . I'm still asking myself. Have they lied too us this WHOLE time and this was all a damn dream??? Literally. Blown away.

Oh, and please use a blinker if your turning right or left. That really pisses me off when people don't use a blinker. . abide the rules of the road people!!!!

Amy Lee