Thursday, February 20, 2014

Soon to be Mom of Two

In May, Slayde will no longer be "the only child" he will soon be a big brother to a sweet little girl. I can't believe my "little boy" will be  a big brother soon. Slayde and Stella will be exactly 5 years apart. Knowing both their birthdays will be in May. I know I will have my hands full when it comes to birthday celebrations. I know I will enjoy every minute of it though. How will I juggle my love for both children? Will I favorite one or over the other. We all know my mom did that... *cough* Emiley. Although I feel me and Slayde have a special bond his love feels my heart with so much Joy, happiness and love that I can't imagine what it will be x2. I know Slayde is going to be a great brother and I know he will be excepting of it all. I love that Slayde always includes the baby in whatever we are doing, tells her good night and always says "Mom, Stella needs one too." I always enjoyed having a sister (although sometimes she was a pain in my ass) BUT I love her and wouldn't trade her for nothing (okay maybe for the last package of Sour Patch Kids, but, that's it. Promise.)

Some of the questions I have thinking about while pregnant with my second is...
How will I juggle my time?
Will I have time for "me"?
Will the laundry be non-stop?
Will I ever sleep again?
And last but not least.
Will I have enough bottles of wine stocked up in my house?

So how do you mothers juggle life with two (or plus) children? Will I ever know what it's like to sleep again (I joke) but, you catch my drift..

Amy Lee