Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Moster Jam 2014 .

Over the weekend and the Boys headed to the city to go out to eat and to the Monster Jam.

Have any of you ladies ever been to one of these Jams?

The one we go too is rather small but, it does the trick and puts a small one my boys face!

When yall go out to eat with your family, where is yall's favorite place to eat?
Well, mine. Olive Garden. Hands down. Although I eat the same thing each visit, its better and better each time. and those breadsticks and salad. Who could not want to eat there.

We ate. Then headed off to the Monster Jam. 
Slayde's excitement couldnt handle it and asked ever second. 

Slayde: Are we there yet?
Me: No.
Slayde: what about now?
Me: not yet.
Slayde: how much longer?
Me: 2 mins, son.
Slayde: has it been two minutes yet?
Me: Not since you last asked me 5 seconds ago.

FINALLY, we arrived in the parking lot. Cruised until we found a spot. 
Then headed off to purchase our tickets.

Photo: Trying to be a cool guy..
(trying to be "Joe Cool")

We went a found a seat and waited for the show to start.

I don't know about you guys. But, I like to people watch. I like to scope people out, check out what there wearing. doing. or even look like. 
At one time I thought a man was carrying a shot gun, turns out they were selling swords at the Monster Jam? Why do you need to sell swords at a Monster Truck Jam?? 
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Soon after that it was time to watch those bad boys in action. 
For about 21/2 hours they do small contest. There is only 6 Trucks there. So when one loses they are eliminated.

Contest are:
Best Donuts (or waffles in my case.)
Free Style
Wheelie Contest
& GOOD Ol' racing

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That face tho. his. not mine, I look fine ;)

The "Donut Contest" is by far my Favorite, Grave Digger won that round. As always.

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All in all it was a fun day. 
Until we went to Target... 
My husband. Seriously. drive me nuts. Talking about how "his identity is going to be gone after this trip." "how did you talk me into coming to this identity stealing place." Although the Target in Wichita Falls could certainly use a little cleanup and organization. and maybe restock the selves too..