Thursday, March 6, 2014

Baby Update: 32 Weeks

So today marks my 32 week of being pregnant which me I have 8 weeks left And still have nothing done. Which means we need to get our asses in gear before she is here with no room. The problem is deciding on bedding, having a girl comes with alot of choices which means you having to decide over 5000 different beddings. Its.just.too.much!

Tuesday I had to get a sono to check on my placenta. Doc was thinking I may have placenta previa. . which is when your placenta is still down by your cervix and not at the top where It is suppose to be, which means c-section. . after the so no tech carefully examined my placenta. She finally let me know that my placenta had moved to its appropriate spot and I was in the clear of "Placenta Previa!" So good news for me this week!

Also, I forgot how intense these little humans can pack a punch in the womb. I literally thought she was going to punch her way out of my cervix the other night. . I guess she thinks it is a punching bag in there.

I finally have decided on a bedding. (I'll post pics at bottom) It's different and chic. Although we still have a list of things too do, I am confident it will all be done before she arrives even if I am painting till the last minute!!

Also if anyone has any advice on planning for baby #2 I would love to hear it. Let me know how you juggle all things "mom" and still make time to enjoy a "night with the ladies!!"

Amy Lee