Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DIY Coffee Creamer.

So recently I was surfing Pinterest when I came across this DIY coffee creamer. I thought hell I could do that while adding my own twist to it! 
All you need is milk (or whatever dairy you drink; silk, almond milk or whatever you choose)
A can of eagle brand milk
And a masonjar or reuse a juice bottle and that's it! Just two ingredients!

So what you do is measure out two cups of milk (or any other dairy milk product) pour those two cups into bottle or mason jar and add the eagle brand milk then shake until it's all mixed. You can also add vanilla, chocolate syrup, hazelnut flavor or whatever else you can come up with! I just used the milk and the sweetened milk. Then I add Cinnamon and a little honey to mine and BAM! You have yourself you own DIY creamer! Its cheap and you usually have all this on hand in your pantry or fridge!

I think it is way better then the store bought and no additives! Even better.

So go into that kitchen and make you some creamer and coffee and enjoy the rest of the day!!