Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Breastfeeding: 101

It is great for so many reasons. Here are a some of my tips I have learned along the way while nursing. (Remember these are my opinions)

1. Pump pump pump! Keep up your Supply. More you nurse/pump the more milk you will have!

2. Eat.eat.eat. I am always snacking. (And thirsty) I consume about 32 plus more oz of water a day. I don't drink cokes or tea only water and my morning coffee. My favorite snacks are nuts, avocado, peanut butter crackers. Anything with good calories and fatty acids. I also cook a lot of salmon and chicken. You need to consume calories for you and your baby.

3. Don't be afraid to nurse in public. If ANYONE has a problem tell them to stop staring.

4. It's a good way to get you out of doing the dishes, cooking supper, or whatever else you want to get out of doing. " sorry, I can't do that I am nursing. Will you do it please?"

5. No getting up in the middle of night making a bottle. You already have that milk on tap! Holla!

6. You are giving your baby your nourishment. Knowing what you are giving your baby will make you and your baby Happy happy happy.

7. Breastfed babies are the happiest!

8. Helps with losing that baby weight! Don't fret when it doesnt happen over night.. it took me 4 months to finally be able to fit in my skinny jeans pre-pregnancy. No working out just breastfeeding and a healthly diet!

9. Eat right! No crap like McDonalds. Whatever you eat your baby eats.

10. Don't give up! Nursing takes dedication and patience! If you feel you aren't making milk pump pump!!!!!!!!