Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stella is 6 Months!

Well my sweet Stella is half way to her One Year Birthday. This whole baby year from birth-1 year goes by incredible fast, too fast almost. It seems like last week we just brought her home. .
Recently she has started to scoot everywhere! Only a few more days and I will have a mobile babe! We also have introduce solids, since I am nursing i wanted to wait until she was 6 months. This little girl loves to eat big girl food. I love sitting her in he high and give her different small texture foods. Today i shredded somme cheese and let her use her fine motor skills! She literally was smiling from ear to ear. . she loves sharing momma's food! I wish time would sllloooow down! But, reality doesn't let us! Her personality is starting to come in as well...let's just say she is a happy happy girl but can be a little diva as well
I think she gets that from my sister. The diva part. Ha.
Stella also is sitting up, she is so happy always unless she needs to nurse or diaper change. I can say I have a great little girl in my life. I hope to teach her good morals, be yourself and Always dream Big!

Love you Stella.