Monday, December 15, 2014

I gave in. I bought us a Elf on the Shelf.

So I did it. I caved in and bought a Elf on the Shelf. Only because I knew my little Slayde would love the concept of waking up to find out where the elf. But, what this like Elf has done has encourage my child to clean his room, eat all his dinner, and to remember he needs to behave. Score! Only being day one and he has already accomplished all that..wonder what a few more weeks will do? Maybe doing laundry? Cooking me supper? Cleaning the whole house. We will see.

Well we named him right after, yes, Shelby we read the book. First he was just Nick, then after we named him Slayde decide that he needed a last name too. So here he is in all his glory "Nicky Cool". Last night was Nicky's first trip from our house to report to Santa, if you have read the story. You know that each morning the elf will be in a different spot since he flew back to report whether Slayde had been good or bad. When Slayde woke up this morning the first words where..." Let's find the Nicky mom." So we did...Nicky Cool was hanging with the Pink reindeer.. I wonder what else that little Nicky will get into!!
Do you have a Elf on the Shelf? What did you name yours? What is the funniest place your elf showed up at?