Thursday, December 18, 2014


What a title for a post huh? Well is it me, or has the week just draggggggged on?
I feel like it is never going to get here.

Tomorrow is Slayde's School Christmas party. I have yet to make anything for the party (such a good mom) but, the teacher informed me and all the other parents that a mother has taken care of it all.. ugh, thanks for out doing us. So therefor what should I bring? I was going to bring little goodie bags. But, couldnt find a single goodie bag too put the goodies in. So who knows what I pull out of my ass.  But, I better start looking on pinterest.

Also, this weekend is our yearly Christmas Cookie party and gift exchange (mostly for the kids) so I'll be spending my Friday night baking a Shit ton of cookies...hopefully I will get the 4 dozen cooked.

Also, we finished all our Christmas shopping. Yes, I said that right we are all done. Usually we are shopping the eve of Christmas. I vowed to myself I would never do that crap again. Shopping on Christmas eve last year almost made me lose my mind.  But, luckily its still hear...

My sweet Stella Bug is seven months. CRAZAY! I feel like she should still be in my womb. This time last year we were about to find out if we were having a lady or a gentleman. Luckily..we are blessed with both this. Stella now has two teeth, those suckers popped up on Thanksgiving day and she is crawling. EVERQ,YWHERE! I forgot what is like having a little human crawling everywhere.. so happy for my little munchkin.

Monday, was my mothers three year mark of her passing. It's crazy to think I am been living without her for 3 years.. I miss her more and more each day. My heart isn't complete without her.  But, I know she is always with me and my family where ever we go..

Well that's my little catch up for the week. What are your weekend plans?