Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Really Grinds My Gears?!

First off, I do this post often. It's like my "rant" topic. So without further notice....here we go.

You know what REALLY grinds my gears?

- This Damn Texas weather! Like really?!?! Make up your mind, it is getting to be a bit ridiculous. It's January for Pete's Sake, let's start acting like it is. You are being very temperamental Texas, can you pleas get your Shit together. I would really like it to be cold in January not cold in May...please GET IT TOGETHER.

- Kristen Doute on VanderPump Rules. You girl, are about to get on my last nerve. I can only HOPE that on next weeks episode Mrs.Vanderpump herself fires you. We can only hope for this. I feel you make up things inside that little Brain of yours and actually believe. Why don't you go worry about James and take some #beamerselfies with him. You my dear Watson, are a COMPLETE MESS.

- LIFETIME network cancelling two of my shows. Wtf. This pisses me off too no end, Witches of East End and Devious Maids both?!?! How will I ever know what happens at Mr.Spence and Rosà wedding? Don't get me stArted on Witches of East End! I honestly don't understand it. First you cancel The Client List, now the other two...why don't you cancel Dance Moms, now that is a show that shouldn't be on air. Abby Lee is a LUNATIC!!!!!

- People who have a problem with me. But, don't let you in on why they have a problem with me...okay so you come to my house then my Sis in Laws house and can't say Hello? Or kiss my ass? How about you just let me know what I did too you or don't show up at MY Families functions. That would be great OR just send me a little text explaining what I have done too you. I honestly want too know what I did that was so horrible for you too be my friend one week then the next can't EVEN SAY HELLO. I really don't get it, if you PERSONALLY have a problem with me, let's talk about it. Don't avoid me. Let's just figure out what's the deal-o. But, until that happens looks like you will be missing out seeing me and my beautiful family.


Rant over!
Have a Good my friends.