Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The McDonalds Toy

Last night me and my son were cleaning his room. Getting rid of toys, throwing trash/crap away, dusting and sweeping.
It's more of me cleaning while he is playing as I am putting up.
So to get him to clean, I told him to take everything off his dresser and put it on his McQueen table..and dust his dresser. As he was getting everything off his table he spotted the game board I tossed in the trash.
Slayde- "Mom, why are you throwing this away" (holds up the "trash")
Me- "Slayde, because we are throwing stuff away" Gives him the "you better put that back in the trash look"
Slayde"-Mom. I can't believe you want to throw this away, it was from McDonald's, I am so angry. This is my favorite"
Me- laughing. Because this McDonald "favorite" was just a small game board, which he already lost the other pieces to and hadn't played with it since he got the piece of paper game.

Next I hear him say
"I really don't understand why we have to clean my room."
"Why did I have to put all these things in this tiny table, I am running out of room"
" when can I just play with my toys, this whole cleaning stuff makes me angry"
"mom are you listening to me gripe about cleaning my room?"

Me- "yes son, I am now dust your dresser then put all those toys up that you got.off your dresser in there proper place.

Slayde- (drops his jaw) this will take forever. I will never get any sleep.

Kids. They crack me up. Especially mine, he is always saying or doing something thAT makes me laugh. Needless to say. He did go to sleep and got his toys put up within ten minutes...

Moral of the story. Don't throw away those stupid McDonalds toys. Do it behind there back. When they won't even know there gone.