Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Your Fired, Kristen!

Finally, after three seasons on VanderPump she is gone!
Who you ask? Krazy Kristen Doute..

Let's recap on the episode......
It started off discussing the Katie and Tom issue...which really at this moment who cares.. they are cute and I hope it works for them..

As for Kristen and Lisa judging your character

Bitch listen up. If your "character" is being a complete drunken MESS at your.place.of work and then screaming AND yelling at your Manager then to top it off, cuss her out. Yes, bitch you deserved to get fired. You have got to be kidding me to blame this on the most amazing non judgement women ever...Mrs.Vanderpump herself. I still can't believe you treated your employers that way. You need a damn reality check..

Then you my friend are in COMPLETE denial Or CRAZY..yeah crazy sounds more like you!

Can't wait for next weeks craziness and see if James leaves your whack a doodle self. Because, the world knows your still obsessed with Tom..