Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stella is 16 Months

16 months have passed since you have been here with us.
Everyday has been pure joy! You have changed so much since you were born, I mean isn't that what your suppose to do anyways?

Shoes are your favorite, along with avocados and watermelon.
You love your daddy. You give kisses constantly and love a good hug.
Sassy is your nickname, but you are sweet too. Like a little sour patch kid.
You love being outside and running away from mom when you know your being mischievous.
Violet and Pinkie the Bear are your best friends, cant forget about your brother too.
Dancing and singing is your forte and you can play the harmonic like a boss. er
But, months will pass so will years. You will change and grow into the woman I hope I lead you to become!
Just always remember, you may be to big to sit my lap, but my heart will never outgrown our love.

I love you Sassy!!