Thursday, September 10, 2015

What's up September?!

 Its September, which means there will pumpkin spice flavor and scented everything ever turn you will take. I more of a caramel girl myself.

Football season is here to, (big deal) but, the Dallas Cowboys did have a big win last night within the last minutes of the game! Way to Go boys

This weekend was nice and cool, which was perfect for us attending the homecoming game. 
After the game we headed home and had a few beers outside and enjoyed the nice cool breeze.
I also, got to bust out a light weight jacket, I seriously can't wait for you Fall. 

Fall Soccer starts soon. This will be Slayde's second year as a soccer star! Next year he starts football..which I am not sure I am ready for that much of a contact sport.

September is probably one of my favorite months, It gets cooler, school is in session and all the beautiful colors!!

but then again October is pretty awesome too. .