Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Inspiration for a New Work-space!


Do you have a Dream works space?
Me not so much, so I told my husband this fall I am turning my work/craft area into something that will inspire me and keep me going while working on my blog or crafts!
So I will show you some of my ideas and inspiration for this upcoming project!
My desk is the perfect desk, It has just enough space, perfect storage area, and a small drawer for all my papers! I also have a small window, so I can have natural light come through!

First thing- COLORS, you have to choose you colors! Black is always my fav, I need color besides just black so I went with that lilac purple and tealish color. Which are easy to add decor to.

Second- Chair, you cant forget your chair! Comfort is always best, but I like white, because it pairs well with the black and other colors!

Third- Lamp. I need light besides the window and my ceiling fan! I like too see it all!

Fourth- Fresh Flowers and Plants. I am seriously a crazy plant lady, I have them all throughout my house.  I love that they clean the air, give us oxygen and well they just make me feel good. Same with flowers, there isn't anything prettier then a cute workspace with some fresh cut flowers!!

Fifth- My notebook, I write everything in my notebook. Quotes, blog topics, things i need to remember...the list goes on!

Sixth- This cute Peace Sign hand. It literally screams my see I am a hippie at heart and LOVE anything with a peace sign on it. It just makes me feel good and reminds me to always peace within my heart!

Seventh- Candle/Oil Diffuser. Nothing like having some essential oils going on while you trying to work! I love Lemon and Lavender!

Eight- Inspirational Wall Art. I love having great quotes that help inspire me to be better. I love being inspired by everything around me, heck, even my plants help inspire me!

If your looking for a great workspace and don't have one at home WeWork offers great workspaces for a great price! They have office space all over the world - be sure to check them out!