Monday, September 28, 2015

its a monday.....FOR SURE!

Woke up on this lovely Monday, after a blood super moon. Thinking, i wonder whats going to happen today..

SURE enough..I didn't want to wake up, I didn't want to work out and then my son came home from school....

He already came in once, and said hello (he always tries to scary me.) Then remembers he forgot his backpack in my sisters car (she works at the same school he goes too, so she just brings him home) So he runs back outside to grab his backpack. Then the next thing I hear is the door slam, and a scream...then him running into the living room, I am looking at him like (why the hell you crying boy) Then I look at him, he is holding his hand, crying, freaking out a little. I think to myself, OH SHIT, he just broke his thumb! 

Then I look closer......

HOLY SHIT, son what did you..Slayde still crying..
AT this moment, I am FREAKING out inside, wondering...should I take him to the er?
is his thumb broken? what the &*#@ am I going to do. 
I told my sister, I am getting a little hot flashy. Can you rinse this off? 
Wheres the peroxide?
I told him to calm down, and take deep breathes in and out...

(PLEASE dont look at my nasty nails that are WAY over due for a mani!)

Then he tells me....."Mom, I tried to be tough, I am not that tough.
I told him....Son, you are waaaay tougher then I would be, I would be at the hospital right now!! (obvis making him feel good)

Seriously, his WHOLE nail will be gone by next week, I told him that too...but he said...I think it attached itself back mom. Okay son....whatever you think.
I  also told him, by next week it will probably been healed enough for me to clip the dead nail.
NO, mom. its not DEAD.

okay son, okay.

seriously though you guys. Has this happen to any of your kids while they were young?
How did they cope? Luckily it wasnt his writing hand, but he did enough me he uses that hand sometimes at school. What do I do? Let the teacher know? 

I do know that I will be making a run to find all sorts of medical shit, too fix him right up!