Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hair Tip Tuesday.

Hello Ladies!
The season has changed and winter will be here soon. So with that being said I figured I would
write about a few hair tips I do during the cold months. As you know as it gets cold our hair
changes as all the seasons change.
Usually my hair gets very dry during the Winter.. so here are a few things I do during the Winter to keep my hair healthy.
- When washing my hair in the winter I always Rinse with cold water. It helps lock in the moisture and also leaves your hair shiny.
- Deep Condition you hair every week.
- You can always wear a silk or satin scarf while you sleep (never tired this but, I hear it helps a lot!)
- LESS HEAT! Try not to use as much heat as possibly. I always let my hair air dry.

- Get a Humidifier!! it helps so much for your skin and hair.

Get you some Castor Oil. It is great for hair growth and moisturizer for your hair.  you can also massage it into your scalp for a over night hair mask.

Do you have any winter care tips for your hair?
If so leave them in a comment below!