Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh it is love...

Hey there friends, today I'm in a much better mood. Feeling great and so glad to be alive. PLUS IT'S FRIDAY!

Here are a few things that I'm doing for the wedding that i would love to share..

Here are the letters for the "Guestbook" yes, i spelled "Guest" wrong, it will be in the proper order day of wedding. ;) i will put these on card stock and punch out holes at the top middle, and pull them through some sort of string (which i will be on the hunt for on Saturday, yes more wedding shopping :) ) OH and for the guestbook i will be getting swatches of fabric, and fabric pens, and making a quilt out of it!! This is such a wonderful idea i found in a bridal magizine that i just loved, and is awesome for a keepsake.

This is the inspiration for the centerpiece, I'm going to try and do it just like this, but you know it doesn't always turn out the way u want it, WHICH i hope it does!

This is a centerpiece already arrange, i will be using these mason jars, along with the rope included on it. A WONDERFUL friend of mine and my mother's are going to let us use these! Hey, the less money the better, and the more i can spend on something else..
OH, i will be taken these flowers already in there, and replacing them with others I'm using just like the i first showed ya.

 I'm really not sure what I'm doing with these yet, I'm thinking either covering them in burlap, or lace...I'm just not real sure yet, i don't want to paint them the color of the wedding because that's just WAY to plain for me.. why be normal when u can be a different.

Here are the flowers i will be using as well, also i found a GREAT website that i will use to purchase, MORE, real flower petals, these of course where left over from Valentines Day that my mother bought at walmart, trust me they will be USED!

Here is a photo of the flowers that will be in my Bouquet, the Delphinium (blue flower) are going to look gorgeous, i cant wait to see how AMAZING it will look!!!  I Also going to get a few rustic small "Texas stars" to put along the end of the bouquet where i hold them, I'm thinking of getting so burlap or rope the to go around the steams? Not sure yet which one.

And last but not least My Dress...i was really indecisive of putting it on here, because i wanted it to be a surprise to everyone who comes to the wedding, BUT, oh well...
WELL, here it is.. not a very good picture (taken from my IPhone) but as soon as I put it on i KNEW it was love for me, i loved the lace on it, and how simple, and country it was..its really nothing special but its SPECIAL to me, I'm not really a big hug ball gown type, I'm more simplicity.
here is another shot of it, also i will be changing the color of the sash to RED

OK, it may look kinda weird at top, but we were trying to decide if i wanted a sweetheart cut OR not. I still have to meet with the alterations specialist to get it to fit me more better. I'm also trying to find, shoes, jewelry, a veil, something borrowed, something blue. OH and my head piece..if anyone has any ideas, let me know. I plan on using Pearls as my jewelry..