Thursday, March 10, 2011

You guessed it! MORE wedding :)

So this past Sunday i got together with a few of my bridesmaid's so they couple help with all things wedding. SHOUT OUT TO THE GIRLS WHO CAME (ERIKA, STEPH AND KATIE)

This is what Erika came up with for the chairs.

or WITH flower?

this is what we worked on Sunday, and might i add, there are 3 ROWS, with doubled coffee filter flowers.
yes, WE did all these Sunday.. took about a couple hours but we worked as TEAM
another view
thought u would like to see them again. hehe
and YES i still have MORE to do...I'm sure it will be all finished by this weekend, LETS hope. At least
Here is my tub full of my stuff, yes...there is more where that came from :)
here is a photo of my ring, and the ring my Nawnaw will be giving me someday.

This ring was given to my Naw Naw, from my Paw Paw. This is her wedding set, one day i will get to have this and i cant wait. This is the only thing i have ever wanted for years. Its so beautiful and so vintage, anything from my Naw Naw is always a great from the Heart <3
Plus, it makes me feel that much closer to my Late Paw Paw.

This is my Engagement ring Rust got me. I love it, wouldn't change this ring for nothing!!!!! Let's just say I'm not a flashy person and could really care less about the the karat or how much they are...I would be just as happy with a plain ol' wedding band.

Aren't they just the cutest...? 

(i give credit for these to Romona Polk and the Shopper)
Ooh and my mother because she purchased them (they were blank when she bought them)