Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bring on the Stress..

Hello There!!
Life has been so crazy these past two weeks. With weddings of my friends, baby showers, and birthdays replaceing my wedding chores, with fun things with the family.

But, Now, its time to crack down, i have EXACTLY 30 days until the wedding takes place.
Did i mention my to do list is bigger then MY done list....yes, oh well thats what Bridesmaids are for is to help right? WRONG, some do help others not so much, this INCLUDING my little sister....YES EMILEY, u do suck at ur MOH job! Oh well, ill manage, sometimes i enjoy being rushed and stressed out, but i know when it finally comes down to it my friends will be there!

Did i also mention, while planning and gettinf ready for this wedding i have, my sons 2nd Birthday Party May 7, a dance recital  May 14 (which i always help my Bestie ever yr with this, its the most i can do for her, since she has helped me greatly with wedding and such) them wedding is the following weekend!!

My sons bday is gonna be a BLAST! the Theme is.......SUPERHEROS!!!

its gonna be blast seeing what everyone comes as or i hope, make there own superhero...homemade costumes r the best! Im not sure what the birthday boy will be, ill leave that up to the lady making his shirt, because we all know Slayde really doesnt care that much, ;)

ok, im outta here... gotta get Slayde's pictures taken with all the sweer Bunnies.....