Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Over the last week.

Whoa! what a weekend it was this past weekend.
So this weekend was my bachlorette party, 

Friday April 1, 
We ended up leaving to head to Fort Worth, it was me and 8 of 
my wonderful Girlfriends. We enjoyed at weekend in Fort Worth, TX (stockyards, of course.)

Everyone had such a wonderful fabulous time, we went to Comedy Club, which i have never been to before and was a TOTAL BLAST! Angel Salazar, who has played "Chi Chi, in Scarface" anyone remember him?
Well here he is, and he was FLIPPING HILARIOUS!! U must catch him sometime. I  mean i'm sure there are plenty of more funny people out there, but he was the first i have EVER seen, so i thought he did FAB!
We ended up staying another night, there and hit up a a few bars there, went to IHOP, whataburger, and wherever else we could get food. I had a wonderful time with all my girls that attended...

Here is a special Shout Out to them. 

Thank u girls so much for coming and having a wonderful time with me, we all sure did make tons of memories with everyone! 
Ill be posting pics from the Fun we had soon.

Look forward to Question and Answer with me and my Future Hubby