Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day!

Hey guys and gals!!
Today is EARTH DAY!! WHAT will YOU do to make the EARTH a better place?
Well, i bet your wondering what WILL I DO?
Well for starters, me and my hubby planted us a veggie garden, with loads of delish fresh veggies, i plan on getting a grape vine, and growing my own grapes. Also plan on planting flowers and a new tree i can grow through the years. I planned on getting a tree planted when my son as first born, so i could tell him that was his gift from me. That way the tree would be the same age as my son and he could learn to enjoy mother nature.
Also, yesterday i planted a little baby bean for Slayde in his room so he can nature it and bring it to life.

I want my son, to love all things nature as i do, nothing better then teaching kids to love the Earth.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend and Easter! This year will be Slayde's "First" Easter, since last year he was so sick. 

Thank u Jesus for all u have done for us. We greatly appreciate it.
Also thank You Mother Nature for the wonderful rain we have recieved since the fires have started a week ago, we all know we needed it.