Thursday, June 23, 2011

Almost forgot..

So i have totally forgot to tell you guys about the BRAZOS trip i mention last Friday. Well it was a blast, until 3AM Sunday morning..

I'll show pictures first then tell my story.....

<these are iphone pics>
hubs, rowing away 
Court striking a pose while her hubby strokes his little arms off.
got Tasha this time, along with court, striking her "rock on pose" again.
silly woman
i think this might be "giggles" and "Ron Jeremy" 
these two fellas where troopers the whole trip
all the others that attending, got em' all in the picture ;) 
(there was a total 10 peeps 5 couples)

Court relaxing...while I'm telling hubs,
"hey...move our cooler i wanna be a bum"

and theres Natasha and Tyrell "stroking it up" lmao

once again Court with her pose, and tongue hanging out
(please excuse the hubs, yes he is a smoker "when he drinks" 
AND NO i don't smoke those horrendous things)

Here is the fire that us "Pioneer Women" made, we were very proud of this..
(PS.we were rebels with this, knowing we were in a burn ban, OOOPS) on with the story, 
well we arrived early Saturday morning pumped and ready to rock n roll.
Once we got the canoes ready we were off....
we "stroked" (as we all put it. haha we got a laugh.)
we would row for awhile, then stop and swim, row then stop and swim, 
well we finally made our 3 mile marker when we seen this HUGE GIGANTIC rock, and Tyrell had this awesome idea, to jump off it, well we did.

Most of us anyways,
manly it was me, court, rust(my hubs) Lamarie and Tyrell.

well did i mention that this rock was dangerous. at the bottom was a rock that anyone could have landed on and knocked themselves into next week...
but that didn't happen. :)
later on we decided to make camp on this little island that was there...
so we popped up tents, started munching on BBQ, then headed off to bed, we were all pooped by this time.

Well........ then around 3 or so, this lady (yes MOI) woke up, with the need to get sick. well i did, i just thought i got a little too hot in the tent so i didn't think anything of it, then hours later, it happened again. and again. Well by then i had drank about 2 bottles of water, and well that didn't last long. 
up comes the water, so finally everyone starts waking up moving round getting things packed up (we all woke up early prolly at least 730) 
By now, I'm feeling really crappy, 
so we get in the canoe and we have FIVE MORE MILES LEFT!! 

in my mind I'm thinking some please shoot me now, 
 call a care flight because i told hubby 
i now have a monster inside me (me thinking i have some crazy parasite),
well we when finally get to the check point 
where they come and pick u up we arrive there about 830.
The people tell us, its will be until 10:00am until they come, 
by now I'm thinking I'm not gonna survive this, 
so after i throw up 5 more times, i finally ask
hubby to get me the sleeping bag and a pillow and let me sleep.
so here i am sleeping under this tree, trying to get better.
so and hour later, all these canoe rs start showing up. 

I'm pretty sure there wondering what is this woman doing
laying in the middle of there way 
FINALLY the man who picks us comes and gets us, hubby wakes me up
packs our things then we head home.
well hubs thinks its a great idea to get him some sonic on 
the way home...BAD IDEA for me, as soon as i smelt that...well u can guess what happened then.
well after we picked up little we headed home to what seemed to be the longest 

i really have no idea what was wrong except i was SICK, TERRIBLE SICK. 
i don't think i have throw up that much EVER.
I wont go into details but lets just say, 
dry heaving, and not being able to keep anything down. 
drained me completely

all day Sunday i was in and out of it.

Hubs was a great dad and hubby, he fixed slayde dinner, did laundry, 
made washed our sheets..etc.
then finally i woke up around 10:30 and wanted pickles.
i dnt know what it is, but after i have been sick like that
all i want is PICKLES!
WEIRD, I KNOW.. so i got my tummy feeling a little better.
and went to sleep again, i stayed home Monday from work because i was just so weak from not eating anything or being able to keep water down.

well there it is, i hope this wasn't tooooooo draagggggged out? 
i just wanted all u guys to feel bad for me..haha i joke, i kid i kid.

but NOW I'm feeling like a million bucks. 
BTW, i hate throwing up. it scares me.