Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Confessional....

HOOOWDY Y'ALL!!! Today I'm linking up withTHE MAMARAZZI
for her weekly "I Confess"

I confess..I am so BEYOND excited to see Cars 2, 
my son has no IDEA what he is in for this will be his first
movie to attend in the theater.

i confess...i do not like the color on my nails this week, 
its green..obviously GREEN is not my color.
see look..
ewww. gross.

i confess...after work today i will have a glass of wine or 3. ;)

i life isn't perfect, but the people in my life make it one hell of a great life

i confess....i drove my car on empty this morning, and then..
and THEN i ran out of gas this, GO ME.

i confess... i lost my brand NEW camera charger..
this = a mad hubby. 

i confess..i didn't put sunblock on this weekend,
and i got a little crispy.

i confess...I'm SO UNORGANIZED. i need some help with this...
I'm hoping since i will have more time 
on my hands after i quit my job this will improve.

(NOT my closet)

What are u Confessing?

Just go ahead link up with the lovely