Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Recap.

Howdy Ya'll, Us here at the Willingham home, had a fab weekend.

First off we went to the Jim Bowie Days parade 
they had here in town, took little man. I went with my friend Chels her kids, 
and my little man. (of course)

Harlei AND Slayde all ready for the parade

Friday NIGHT i attended a "Prue Romance Party" Super FUN i tell ya, 
although i didnt pay attention much and was too busy being outside with the smokers, 
(yes ladies i am a NON-smoker) 
BUT it was just much more fun with them outside laughing and 
getting a little more tipsy then i should have, 

lets just say i was in the doghouse saturday morning, but..
he got over it like they always do.
here is a few pics from the fun we had.
sorry there celly pics.
i look terrible here, but L-R
Cristy the Hostest-Then MOI.

haha. sorry thought it was funny.

Felt a little ROUGH saturday morning when little man wakes up 8am, 
this calls for a long day, but i made myself some coffee and started the day.

Well we did end up going and seeing Cars 2 saturday.
he is so cute.
he was very excited..
well we ended up seeing it in 3D, 
Slayde did not wanna wear the glasses, 
but oh well, he managed and watch the movie like
a TRUE BIG he is.

Then saturday night it was my two friends, 
Katie and Sammie (who are twins)
Birthday Celebration, there bday is actually today, but we wanted 
to celebrate a little earlier, ;)
i didnt drink Saturday well for one, i already had a rough night before.
 two, i had little man with us, so i let hubby get his drink on, so i was the DD. GO ME.

(one OF the Bday girls, and MOI)

mols and katie, my besties. half of the Fab 4

me, KT, and kassi

Mols, KT, and Moi alll looking FAB!


(Shirt-F21, Belt- thrifted, necklace and braclet-Buckle
shorts u cant see but-TJ Maxx earrings-Rue 21. shoes- thrifted. and there so cute, ill show u soon)
AND ME..looking fab.
just wanted to share with yall my outfit from saturday,
not the best pic, cause u cant see my shoes, but oh well.

so recently i cut my hair and died it, it went from this.

no bangs, crappy hair cut, no layers, light brown...

 to this:
sideswept bangs, DARK brown.

ewie, i look like a creep.

i finally have layers, along with my DARK DARK hair, LOVE BEING A BRUNETTE.

OK, sunday. i started this project.
painted it tan, but inside left it the wood, color 
and now im stump on what else to do, any ideas?

 here is a close up.