Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Happy Tuesday all!
I hope everyone started out there week off right.

Yesterday Me, Mom, and Slayde headed to Castaway Cove.
 (I started having every Monday off after lunch) 
So we decided we would make a day to the water park :)

Here is little man, he was so excited to head to the water park, also he loves his "Chee Ba" aka Cheese Balls
his little hat so cute ;)

Why does he look sad u ask?? WELL, he was playing with this little girl, and he wanted her PINK pale, but i told him the blue one suited him more then the ol' pink'n

Yes, little man is still upset. AFTER I TOOK THIS HE TOLD, "ME NO MORE MOMMA"

FINALLY he found the little cute water sprout that's the kiddie area has, AND played with HIS blue pale. ;)
 We had so much fun on our adventure yesterday Slayde, loved every minute of being there. His favorite part was to go to the kiddie slides (of course with me or sugie (aka my mom))

we will be differently making this a Monday thing, unless we find something better to do. ;)

happy Tuesday all!!

what did u do on Funday Monday?

uggh...on a side note, grocery shopping tonight with the Hubby,
 this should be interesting...did i mention our Walmart is currently going under a UPgrade and i cant find CRAP ANYWHERE!!