Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hey Gangstaaassss...

Wanted to share with u a little something.

so ur prolly wondering what happened to my poor wittle thumb?

well, this GIRL right here. decided, that she would slice her thumb...
with prolly one of the most sharpe knives i have.

WHICH lead to it looking like this...

WHICH lead to it looking like this...

Yes it went pretty, much all the way to the bone, OUCH.

 YEAH I KNOW, your telling me.

geez, and i decided not to go to the ER last night.
well, im sure if i would have it would have been me getting stitches 
(which i DID.NOT.WANT.)

Well i dnt wanna tell u how, because it was dumb, but anyhoo ill tell u.

well my soap dispenser was pissing me off, so i figured i would kinda sort of  
make it BIGGER at the spout.


I seen it coming as soon as i did it.

when i did  it, i freaked told Hubs, 
HE SAYS "Awww its cant be that bad Amy" well i showed him
as soon as i bent my thumb 
he looks at me and i see it in his eyes.

So what do i do then?
well lets say i pass out, i was very freaked.

couple mintues later i woke up to hubby get me a washcloth and my thumb already bandage up.
we had no type so we used electrical tape. HAHA (hubs is an electricain)

then this morning, (i work in a physical therapy departmant at hospital)

asked my boss to do wound care on me.

well i went into the little room, he tortures me for what seemed FOREVER.

after that:
Bossman tells me i sohould prolly go to our ER so i did, 
YAYYYY no stitches only GLUE.
i was so happy.

but bums me out for the fourth of july weekend..

oh well atleast i still have my thumb. ;)