Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life in the Fast lane...

Life seems so busy lately it seems like summer is ALWAYS the busier for us.

But it seems to be slowing down some, and make more time for blogging.

I  live in the country, i live 20 (out in BFE) min's from my Hometown. Its rather ok, i enjoy it, but when u need to make a mad dash to the grocery store for milk or sugar. well your outta luck. gotta wait for the next day ;) unless u just really wanna get out the house. HA.

We have a computer but our monitor went out, so I'm computer less and Internet-less for awhile. *sigh* oh well, 
Hubby has promised me a new one for Christmas. this time I'm thinking a laptop is exactly what we are needing. ;)
until then ill just borrow my grandmothers, and moms. 
it gives me time to bring Slayde over and see them and ask my grandmother too teach me how to sew. ;)

So recently i quiot my full-time job to stay at home with Slayde, but now
im wanting something fpr a part-time thing.
I have been thinking about cleaning houses around here in town, or out here where i live.

We'll see, maybe college idk. My life will lead me where it needs to go.

Also, recently i have been trying to study this whole fashion thing. 
i really enjoy looking at all the differnt outfits 
everyone puts together and how they come up with them.
So i have been on a mission, 
i have been thrifting, (i not the richest girl in the world, give me a break)
BUT, let me tell u i have found some awesome finds.

well here is an outfit i put together today. minus no EARRINGS. oh well..
i tried. ;)

DRESS: Chloe's Closet
 vest: TJ Maxx
 all these bracelets (except for sliver "peace" is mine) where from my 
bracelet swap i participated in.
I feel terrible because the purple and black "friendship" bracelet 
that Alisha sent with the (brown and blue ones) i have lost it somewhere in my house.
i will make hubs help me find it tonight, it was my FAVORITE. because lets face it, 
a new friendship is always a plus in this process of blogging.
the green bracelet was from Nicole 
shoes: walmart- OP
TA-DAAA...and there is my outfit for the day.

Y'all come back now ya here?