Wednesday, July 20, 2011

what im loving...

hey there today im linking up with Jaime for her "What im Loving Wednesday"

here are a few things im loving this awesome wednesday!

Im loving; that every time i turn on the TV its either on Sprout or Disney Channel,
love my little man. muah

 Im loving; That a couple we are great friends with recently moved back to our hometown!!!
Yay for Jason, Sam and Emma!

Im loving; that they made a Winnie the Pooh movie,
 when i was little i was in love with that sweet Pooh Bear

Im loving; that as i sit here and type my little monster is in my lap, telling me
he wants to type and wants sponge bob right now!

im loving: how slayde says tv, couch, and color...
he emphazives cooooooouuch and cOUlor. so cute. love that boy.

im loving; PINTEREST!! but if only i can figure out how to drag a pin to my blog, fb, etc...
its prolly not that hard but i cant seem to figure it out!!!


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