Saturday, October 15, 2011

Its Saturday, which means..

That its just another Saturday, nothing too fancy smancy.

 We will be getting our family photos taken today YAY!

very excited. it should be fun.

if you wanna check out the Lovely Monica's website.
She does some pretty amazing work.. very excited of what she
will be bringing to the table later on today.

Yesterday while i was watching the amazing POP UP VIDEO

I have found a new song i love.
Bruno Mars- Lazy Day..

You see, my car is ghetto, and has NO antenna.
so therefor i dont get to hear the new songs coming out.
So normally when im hanging with friends and they bring out the
tunes im normally the one who is like
"Who sings this?" "When did this awesome song come out?"
ummm Amy- last year. bahaha

anyhoo. i love Bruno Mars anyhow.
this song just made me smile when i watched it
its pretty cool if u ask me.
Pop Up Vid told me it took 11 takes to get the first scene right.
all because of Bruno's Hair.

anyone have any good songs i should know about?
im all about new tunes..LOVE ME SOME JAMMM.